Telescoping Doors and Butted Glass Windows

At Woodridge Custom Builders, LLC our custom homes are often designed around a view, a mountain view, golf course view, or just the back yard pool area.  Two terrific ways to maximize views is to use telescoping doors or butted glass windows. 

Telescoping doors are one example of the latest style in sliding glass doors. Telescoping doors come in a variety of sizes and styles.  The best way to describe how telescoping doors operate is to think of a commercial style door that you might find at your local retail mall.  The retractable doors may disappear completely into the wall when the doors are open or perform as multiple folding doors. By pulling on the lead door panel, all of the sections open or close through an interlocking device that connects each door. The look can be quite dramatic bringing the outdoors in.  The doors slide through a tract flush with the floor eliminating the need for a door threshold.  Without a threshold, the smooth transition from indoors to outdoors adds to the dramatic effect of these doors. 

When a family is not entertaining, the wind kicks up, or a seasonal monsoon hits, the doors close to protect the interior of the home from the elements.  For entertaining, there is nothing like these doors except the real thing.  A set of double wide sliding French doors may be a less expensive alternative, but for that sense of WOW, there is nothing like the atmosphere created by these beautiful doors to appreciate our great Arizona climate. 

At Woodridge Custom Builders LLC  if our custom home buyers want to put telescoping doors in their custom home, we like to work closely with the architect designing the home.  If an architect incorporates these doors into the plan, and the door sizes are odd or irregular, it may mean the door must be completely custom-made more than doubling the price of a more standard-sized telescoping door.  If we work with the architect, the customer and the door manufacturer in the beginning, we can get a telescoping door design that the customer likes, and the manufacturer can reasonably build.

Butted glass windows are another style often used to highlight a view without the sometimes-distracting frames between the glass panels.  Butted glass windows are those that actually seam glass panel to glass panel.  In the first picture attached here, these custom home buyers put large butted glass windows in the formal living room to highlight their acreage, pool, Ramada, and patio area.  In the second photos, a large butted glass window in the formal living room offers a clear open view of the tremendous pool area. 

Two great ways to show-off an outdoor view, patio, or courtyard include telescoping doors or butted glass.  At Woodridge Custom Builders LLC, we help our custom home buyers achieve the look and feel they desire.

Butted glass1Butted Glass2

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