The Magic of COLOR… Example from One of Our Custom Homes

Bold Statements of Color Truly Personalize a Home! Hood Before

Less intimidated by color than ever before, more and more home owners are adding much more color to their homes.  In some cases, not just a painted entry foyer or bold powder room, at Woodridge Custom Builders LLC we have seen customers exhibit absolute fearlessness when it comes to color.

An easy and inexpensive way to add color is to use paint.  Besides its price and relative ease of use, colors can be easily erased and restored to basic neutrals as styles and tastes change.  Emotion, ambience and attitude can all be conveyed through the use of color. Many of us associate certain emotions or feelings with colors, blue is known for its calming effects, while greens may give us the feeling of nature and natural surroundings. 

The cost of painting is generally reasonable as opposed to plaster or faux finishes created by professionals.  Some of our custom homebuyers like to add finishing touches themselves after the home is completed while others prefer to have everything done prior to move-in.  Yet if a person is willing, a little bit of sweat equity and a $20 gallon of paint can make a bold colorful statement in a home.

In Arizona, the desert palette often serves as a starting point for the colors of a custom home.  The pale roses, yellows, and lavenders can be seen almost nightly in an Arizona sunset and offer ideas for a soft and light color scheme.  While the intense reds, oranges, and browns of the Red Mountains created the idea for the rich, passionate color this homeowner used on the kitchen hood of this custom home.  The hood now stands out for complete recognition against the neutral wall color.  Before the paint and faux finish, the same beautiful hood is barely visible against the neutral wall.  Whether it is the vivid persimmon and dazzling yellows of an Arizona sunrise, or the subtle greens of a desert sage, brittlebush, or a Palo Verde tree, the desert palette is a great starting place for interior and exterior colors.

If you’ve been thinking of adding color to your home, GO FOR IT!  Woodridge Custom Builders LLC has helped many of our custom home buyers with great color choices making visual impacts and personal statements in their homes. Hood After


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