For Those That Love Fabrics, in Arizona They are Back!


For those custom home buyers at Woodridge Custom Builders LLC that love fabric, it’s great to see that draperies are vogue once again. The most popular fabrics are the silks, especially Dupioni.  Full-length, fully functional draperies are becoming a larger part of the work done by sewing rooms in Arizona.  Plantation shutters, a mainstay Arizona window treatment, are still popular and will likely remain so, but many are getting accented with a non-functioning set of beautiful side panels.  The death of the balloon valence has been long overdue. 

Window draperies can also make a window look much larger and dramatic.  By making the draperies larger than the window and installing them beyond the window itself, a plain window can become a beautiful focal point.

Draperies are not just showing up on windows these days.  Sumptuous fabrics and the dramatic design of a canopy can turn a basic bedroom into an elegant retreat. Popular fabrics include silk taffetas, dupioni silks, and sheers. To pull off successful canopies, it usually takes a large amount of fabric with adequate linings and sometimes interlining.  Adequate height and proportions also help pull together these great looks.  These techniques usually take the expert advice and skill of a drapery expert.  A valence that is too long or too short, or skimping on fabric can quickly spoil the result.  There are usually design rules used to calculate the perfectly proportioned valence, again, a good reason to use a drapery expert.

Not only do draperies and canopies add the richness associated with the fabric, but they can do a great deal to reduce noise.  Since many of today’s custom homes are built with larger rooms, higher ceilings and the hard surfaces of stone or tile, noise can be a real problem.  In large rooms with so many hard surfaces, voices can echo and reverberate off the hard surfaces.   On the other hand, voices are noticeably quieter just by walking from an area of a house into a room with a lot of fabric.  In the photo below, conversation levels audibly drop as soon as one enters this master bedroom.  This bedroom has three sets of fully functional dupioni drapes lined and interlined to protect the delicate silk from Arizona sun. Along with the window draperies, a beautiful custom-made box pleat canopy that absorbs even more sound surrounds the master bed in this room.  Two covered duvets absorb more noise and provide a master retreat where sleep can be undisturbed in serene silence.  In the second photo, draperies have been embellished with beads and placed on two sides of a master bathtub.  These draperies add elegance and sophistication to a large master bathroom, while also reducing reverberated sound from the many hard surfaces in this room.

Woodridge Custom Builders LLC refers custom homebuyers to an excellent drapery maker and sewing room in Laveen, Arizona.  Sandy at Mari San Draperies does wonderful work.  She and her family have been doing this work for three generations.


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