Glass Block… Not as Popular as it Once Was, But Still Around

In the early 1990’s, the rage for glass block began for us.  At Woodridge Custom Builders LLC, we began installing glass block windows, shower surrounds and lighted counter top accents.  Over the following ten years, it seemed as though every custom home constructed included some glass block element.  Though, not as popular in the homes we build today, glass block still carries a classic and timeless look. 

Glass block creates privacy yet allows for natural light.  In small shower areas, this natural light lends itself to create a less confining and restrictive feeling.  Stacking with white mortar assembles the glass blocks, similar to building a block fence wall, yet made of glass.   The sizes are variable, six by six inches, eight by eight inches, or twelve by twelve inches.  The most popular sizes that we have used were eight by eight inches.

Bubbles, ripples, and translucent are just several of the glass block choices, the most popular as shown in these photos is the ripple style of glass.  Glass blocks can improve energy efficiency.  When the two hollow glass block halves are fused together under heat, it traps air inside.  This trapped air inside increases the insulation level similar to a dual pane window. 

The shower enclosure in the first photo emphasizes the beauty and functionality of glass block.  The glass block allows for natural light to enter the shower enclosure, yet provides privacy from the adjacent master bathtub.  The second photo again emphasizes privacy as the glass block separates the toilet from the master tub area.  The glass block is also used as privacy glass in the window adjacent to the master tub in the final photo.



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