When is a Home Just the Way a Homeowner Wants it…  Stupid?

At Woodridge Custom Builders LLC  we are pleased to say that most of the custom homes we have built have not been too customized.  Not to say it hasn’t happened on rare occasions. What does it mean to be too customized, one might ask?  Shouldn’t a custom home be exactly what the customers’ want, and shouldn’t they get what they want?  We believe, “yes”, custom home buyers should get the home constructed with the amenities and features they want.  Can those amenities or features sometimes be stupid or better said “unwise”?  The answer probably depends on whom you ask. 

In most situations, custom home buyers make very wise decisions regarding so many elements of the construction process, beginning with a terrific floor plan.  The selections made throughout the process for flooring, doors, door hardware, lighting fixtures, cabinets, counter tops, and similar decisions are usually very well done with or without the help of an interior designer.  Most of our suppliers assist custom home buyers with these selections and let buyers know what is popular, what is true to the style of their home, what is the most economical, and what is the priciest, etc.   The custom home buyer gets to make the ultimate decision, that is one of the fun parts about building a custom home.

Sometimes, however, custom home buyers make decisions that may affect resale value of the home.  A former neighbor that had their home constructed, had a videocassette collection.  Closets in all of the secondary bedrooms were designed and constructed to hold videocassettes.  Shelf after shelf after shelf of videocassettes filled those closets.  When the homeowners wanted to sell the home, they realized that the closets were not constructed deep enough to hang clothes on a regular clothes hanger.  Each closet had to be converted by an organizing professional to make the space usable by new homeowners. 

The closets in this home were just a little too customized.  It would have made sense to design traditional closets in this home that were deep enough for hanging clothes.  Then have those closets modified by a closet organizing professional to hold the videocassette collection.  The basic elements of a closet would have been built-in this way.  Alternatively, a large pantry type closet could have been designed in the house to hold the collection, and this closet would have been an additional storage area for the existing and all future homeowners.  Plenty of storage is almost always a desired feature in any home.

Another home in this neighborhood was constructed with two master suites, although this worked out perfectly for the unhappily married couple, the two master suites were the only bedrooms in the house.  This home did not resale well at all. Perhaps it would have in a retirement community, but not in this family oriented community.  Despite the two master suites, had the homeowners included even a third bedroom, it would have significantly helped resale value.

At Woodridge Custom Builders LLC, we are here to help our custom home buyers get the home of their dreams, it isn’t our home; it is their home.  We can make recommendations and offer guidance against unwise decisions, but ultimately the decisions are still theirs to make.


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