The Popularity of Fake Grass and the Forever Green Lawn


In Arizona grass lawns are at a premium.  Not naturally indigenous to the Sonoran desert areas of Arizona, grass is a landscape amenity.  Grass lawns are not possible in Arizona without a well-planned and well-managed sprinkler system.  Look at it like the perpetual golf course, never breaking for fall and winter.  Finding the perfect low-maintenance alternative to the green lawn is the desert landscape strategy.  Planting low-water use plants in rock gardens is a very popular desert landscaping technique in Arizona.  Many of these plants are absolutely stunning and include many varieties of flowering plants.  Yet to some, there is nothing like that green lawn that says, “home”. 

At Woodridge Custom Builders LLC we have recently had one of our custom home buyers use an alternative to the unnatural green lawns in Arizona with the latest alternative, synthetic grass or fake grass.  This waterless, low-maintenance solution looked absolutely fantastic in this homeowner’s lawn.  We were amazed at house natural, realistic, beautiful and functional it turned out.  The custom home buyer used the synthetic grass in the front yard, and backyard where he had also installed a putting green.  The pictures below show the beautiful results of this lawn.

Finding the right synthetic grass takes a bit of research, there are more and more options today than ever before.  The quality of the product selected is very important as well as the installation.  Poor installation can make the best product look horrible and fake.  Quality seams are important for the overall result to be effective. The seams need to hold up over time to the severe changes in Arizona temperatures and weather.  Over time these synthetic grasses can fade, although some manufacturers offer up to an 8-year warranty.  The grass is priced per square foot, depending on the size of the area, and ground preparation requirements determine if it makes sense to use synthetic grass.  At Woodridge Custom Builders LLC, it has been our experience that small areas are better suited to synthetic grass than large areas.  When once considered for a large lawn, and calculated against the landscaping fees and water usage, it still made sense financially for natural grass usage.  For the more environmentally sensitive, it may be worth the extra up front expenses to save water. 

When considering the use of synthetic grass, there are a few things to know.  Synthetic lawns do not stay as cool as natural grass.  The products are made of non-absorbing materials and designed for water to flow through the material, they will not harm pets, or children, are non-flammable and do not provide organic harboring places for insect pests.







  1. Wow that does look like real grass. I recently had sod installed in my yard that looks just as good, but I can see the advantages of the fake style. I don’t think I could bring myself to switch; I love the smell of fresh cut grass and the feel of it between my toes.

  2. There is no doubt that artificial turf looks like natural grass and the benefit is no need of watering and mowing is required for this grass.

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