Custom Home Laundry Rooms Complete with Storage and Multiple Washers

At Woodridge Custom Builders LLC, laundry rooms are often times more than laundry rooms. They become utility rooms, larger than closets, sometimes even containing a closet as in the photo included here.  This laundry room houses two washers and two dryers.  These custom homebuyers preferred having two washers and two dryers in one location.  The family wanted to get their dirty laundry to one room where all of the work could be done.  Other custom home buyers prefer having two separate laundry rooms, perhaps one upstairs and one downstairs, or one in the master closet, it depends on the family and what the specific needs might be. 

This laundry room has a closet for storing cleaning supplies, mop, broom, and a bucket.  The family owned several cats and this is where the cats were fed.  The litter box was placed under a cabinet to keep it out of foot traffic.  The room also contained a built-in ironing board to avoid hauling-out a full-size ironing board for those once in awhile ironing needs.  The built-in ironing board is truly a custom home amenity, at Woodridge Custom Builders, LLC our customers are often surprised to learn that this extra feature is such an inexpensive, yet valuable item to include in their laundry room. This particular laundry room also contains a large stainless steel sink for miscellaneous cleaning or hand washing specific laundry items.  The large bank of under counter and upper cabinets provides terrific storage for extra linens, beach towels, and seasonal items, while the counter surfaces are great for folding clothes.  The large window above the sink in this room offers a great view of the home’s back yard, and adds significant natural light.  The clothes hangers and racks above the washer and dryer offer more functionality for hanging those clothes that shouldn’t be placed in the dryer. 

The second photo is a great laundry room with washer, dryer and refrigerator.  The laundry room is roomy enough for hanging, sorting and folding clothes. The window above the sink allows for plenty of natural light.

The contractors at Woodridge, spend as much time as necessary with a custom home customer helping each one plan and design the laundry room for their home, whether it be a small laundry closet or large utility room such as this one.  Spending time up front, working on the house plans and emphasizing the various uses of a room can save our custom home buyers from making unnecessary changes after a project has begun, when they may become more costly to change.


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