Multiple Sprays, Larger Spaces, and Frameless Shower Doors

As Arizona custom home builders, at Woodridge Custom Builders, LLC our luxury home buyers are very attentive when designing and accessorizing shower systems.  Shower areas have become larger and taken a more prominent space in the master bath of our custom homes.  Out, is the narrow shower stall where elbows may hit the wall while showering.  Long gone are the flimsy, opaque, metal-framed bypass doors of a shower/tub combination.  New, are larger shower spaces, frameless shower doors made of heavy glass, multiple sprays, snail showers, shower sitting areas, coated glass, and a wider variety of finishes for the fixtures. 

Luxurious showers now seem to be the new status symbol.  Larger than ever, some are large enough that shower doors are not required.  Others are built in a spiral shape eliminating the need for shower doors, (snail shower).  Eliminating the need for shower doors also eliminates the need to clean all of that glass.  In a new or model home, clear glass showers seem so inviting, but once the homeowner moves in and actually begins using the shower, those once lovely glass walls and doors quickly get covered with soap scum and water marks.  Now there is a coating available for glass shower doors and glass walls.  This coating helps prevent permanent spots, stains and soap scum.  Several brands now offer shower doors protected by this coating.

For showers that require doors, at Woodridge Custom Builders LLC  nearly all of the shower doors that we have installed recently in custom homes have been made of a heavier, thicker glass.  This heavier, thicker glass no longer requires the use of a metal frame around the doors.  Outlined in the pictures below are examples of these frameless shower doors.  Excluding the metal frames emphasizes the beautiful tile work of many of these showers.  Shower doors no longer just open out.  The doors in these photos can be pushed into the shower for entry and pushed out of the shower for exit.  They offer much more versatility and ease of use.  Bypass doors have also been replaced with a set of frameless French doors.  What an elegant feature these doors add to a shower area.   

Shower stalls have transitioned from just that, a narrow stall to a prominent feature of the bathroom.  The shower areas have become larger, offering more room to enter and exit with ease, and offer less confining feeling.  Large master shower spaces often include multiple sprays.  They may include a rain showerhead from above, a standard sprayer off the wall, a hand-held sprayer that either fastens to a wall pole or can be used free hand, and sometimes, multiple body sprays at various heights of the shower wall.  

The finishes on showerheads and fixtures vary more now than ever.  The chrome, brass, and antiqued brass have forged into softer shades of finishes such as satin nickel or for that Tuscan look oil rubbed bronze.  Oil rubbed bronze is probably the most popular finish that our custom home buyers have selected over the past several years.

The ever-changing style of the American bath continues to offer a wide selection of features for the custom home buyer.  At Woodridge Custom Builders LLC, we will continue to offer our customers the best selections for their particular needs.



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