So Many Options for Fireplace Surrounds…  Where to Begin?

As a custom home builder, at Woodridge Custom Builders LLC, our custom home buyers have many choices to make during the design and construction process.  Options include everything from flooring, cabinets, doors, door hardware, and light fixtures among other features and amenities.  One such selection a custom home buyer may need to make is the type of fireplace surround to choose.  There are so many styles from traditional wood mantels to stone.  Many times it depends on the style of the home, a very traditional style home in the Midwest may be very different from the custom homes we build in Arizona. 

Becoming very popular in Arizona custom homes are those fireplace surrounds that have the Old-World look.  This look can be achieved with stone fireplace surrounds, precast concrete, or crushed marble fabricated surrounds.  Precast concrete is a masonry product that simulates natural stone and is more cost effective than natural stone.  Precast concrete mantels are cast molds of concrete, or made with reinforced high-density industrial grade fibers.  The finishes resemble natural stone finishes in a variety of earthy colors.  These fireplace surrounds are beautiful and can be very economical.  Other fireplace manufacturers cast their surrounds from crushed marble and bonded with white Portland cement.  These fireplaces are faux finished to give the custom homebuyer the exact look they desire.

Other fireplaces do not need a surround.  A fireplace can be designed and constructed within a wall of stone, and only require the installation of a wood mantel.  Whatever fireplace surround is selected, the options are endless.  Most of our custom home buyers begin with the style of the home and go for the look they are trying to achieve such as Old-World or traditional. 

The photos below highlight various types of fireplace surrounds in some of our custom homes.  In the first photo, the white fireplace is one of the composite type fabrications previously described and absolutely stunning in this traditional environment.  The fireplace in the second photo is a complete stone fireplace wall.  In this great room the fireplace extends the full height of the wall.  At 20 feet high, the hearth was raised about a foot and a half from the floor for perfect proportions.  A wood mantel complements the stone features of this fireplace. The third photo highlights a fireplace without a projected surround.  The flush surround is made of ceramic tiles.  The ceramic tiles of the fireplace match those of the floor yet get dressed up with the small accent tile pieces.  The other photos highlight various styles selected by our customers.

At Woodridge Custom Builders LLC, when our custom home buyers are looking for a stone or similar fireplace surround we have them visit Phoenix Fireplace, Inc.  At Phoenix Fireplace there is a tremendous variety of surround styles and finishes that can match almost anyone’s custom home style.   


  1. wonderful, a fireplace is important to us, it gives us heat when its cold outside..

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