Create Outdoor Comfort Zones with an In-Home Misting System

Now available for home use are high-pressure misting systems, or sometimes referred to as misting cooling systems.  These units can be installed on any home completed or under construction.  Our experience has been with the installation of a misting system during the custom home building process.  As custom home builders, our customers at Woodridge Custom Builders LLC  have expressed more interest in misting systems than in the past.  A high-pressure misting cooling system compliments the Arizona outdoor lifestyle by providing a cool mist of pressurized water onto a back yard patio or dining area.  The mist line is installed on the overhang and around the perimeter of a backyard patio or outdoor dining area.  Specially designed mist nozzles evenly distributed throughout the high-pressure mist line produce tiny water droplets.  The tiny water droplets are dispersed in a mist that cools the surrounding air temperature.  This mist keeps an outdoor living space comfortable in the heat of the day.

Installing a high pressure misting system in a custom home can be a tricky task.  At Woodridge Custom Builders LLC, we are cautious with the installation of these misting systems for several reasons.  The system includes high-pressure water lines, mist nozzles, a high-pressure pump and ancillary plumbing equipment.  These units are usually installed following the framing phase of a custom home project on the overhang of a patio or outdoor Ramada.  This is a rather early construction phase.  By the time a home is completed, only the misting nozzles are exposed.   Usually, the high-pressure water lines are encased within the stucco finish of a home. The units must be tested periodically throughout construction process to ensure that lines haven’t been inadvertently closed off or cut during construction and that the misting nozzles remain clear and free of debris.  If a problem occurs with the line or the nozzle after the stucco has covered the lines, the stucco around the nozzle must be torn out, the nozzle or line fixed and stucco repaired. 

Another tricky feature regarding installation is that the mist nozzles should cover the entire perimeter of an overhang so during breezy conditions, the benefit of the misting system can be appreciated from all directions.  The pumps to these units are not quiet so the location of the pump must be planned in advance and not located near the patio or dining area.  Once a custom home is completed, maintenance for the homeowner can also be tricky, misting nozzles must be kept free of debris.  Over time, hard water deposits clog the nozzles and must be cleaned.

Despite the detail and attention required to install these units in a custom home, and the follow-up maintenance required by the homeowner; the end result is worth the effort.  High-pressure misting systems can maximize the comfort of our Arizona outdoor living spaces. At Woodridge Custom Builders LLC, we have assisted our custom home buyers with these units to create great comfort zones in outdoor living areas.


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