One Decision That Can Save Money When Building A Custom Home…  Clay or Concrete Roofing

At Woodridge Custom Builders LLC, more often than not lately, our custom home buyers are asking us how they can get the most for their money and still get the home of their dreams.  There are so many decisions that a custom home buyer must make beginning with the size of the home and the selected floor plan.  Once the floor plan is completed, selections from toilets, to plumbing fixtures, lighting fixtures to accent lighting, floor coverings, sinks, cabinet wood and style, appliances, custom built-ins, doors and door hardware, counter surfaces, among others must be made.

We are happy assisting our custom home buyers with economical selections that can save thousands of dollars without impacting the quality of their custom home.  Just one example of cost savings can be found when comparing clay roof tiles with concrete roof tiles.  Choosing between clay roof tiles and concrete roof tiles is one often consideration for Arizona custom home buyers. 

Clay Roof Tiles:  Having a personal residence with over-the-thigh-hand-shaped clay roof tiles lends itself to timeless beauty.  Clay roofs are one of the original roofing materials and have been used for centuries in Europe.  Clay roof tiles offer an authentic Mexican Old-World look as well as Old European.  Clay roof tiles may be hand made or machine made, but there are rarely two identical tiles of the same color. Natural color variation is part of the tile’s aesthetic appeal.  Clay roof tiles are sometimes installed on a roof in curving rows and multiple stacks for an ancient handcrafted look. Installation in this manner requires more tiles.  

Concrete Roof Tiles:  Concrete roof tiles are a lower cost alternative to clay.  They are considered equal to clay in durability and longevity.  Concrete roof tiles are available in shapes and colors similar to clay roof tiles.  Concrete roofs can be boosted.  This is where tiles are mortared on top of one another similar to stacking clay roof tiles.  This lends itself to the Old-World look so popular with the clay roof tiles.  Natural color variation of clay roof tile is emulated in concrete roof tiles.  A weathered look has been reproduced in the concrete; each tile also varies in color similar to clay roof tiles.

What They Both Have in Common:  Both types of roofing tile must be installed over an approved roof covering complying with local codes, usually a 90-pound underlayment.  Tile is actually a decorative material.  Both roof types will last a lifetime.  Clay and concrete are equally durable.  Each roofing material has several varieties to select from, and an equally wide range of colors.  Each roofing type lends itself to the Mexican Old-World and Old European look. 

What Is the Difference Between the Two?  Clay roof tiles can cost more than twice that of concrete roof tiles.  Ultimately, the custom home buyer chooses the roofing material for their custom home. At Woodridge Custom Builders LLC, as custom home builders, we enjoy assisting our customers in any way possible to make the best choice for their home.  We are happy helping them to find ways to reduce expenses, never compromising quality, yet achieving the feel and look of the home they desire. 

The photos below show examples of concrete and clay roof tiles, the natural color variation of each and the look of boosted tiles.




  1. I think the best tile for a house is clay roof tiles, as it gives a better resale value and looks visually better, and has no problems with fungus, mold or turn black as cement.

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