Tuscan, Andalusian, Spanish Colonial… Including Wood Beams Compliments Many Home Styles

Popular Arizona custom home styles include Tuscan, Andalusian, and Spanish Colonial.  When designing, planning and building a custom home, at Woodridge Custom Builders LLC, it is never our intent to imitate a Tuscan villa as though it were physically moved from Tuscany and relocated in Scottsdale.  It is more a reflection of the Tuscan style incorporating the best of the features into our own Arizona desert lifestyle.  One of the most beautiful architectural features found in these homes are wood beams.  Wood beams are often used inside the house, on the exterior of the house, and on patio ramadas.  Some are actual structural support systems, while others are complementary architectural details.

Often these beams are new wood beams that are hand hewn to give the appearance of old-beaten up beams one might find in a 15th century villa.  At Woodridge Custom Builders LLC, our framers are skilled with hand hewing techniques where wood beams are formed and shaped by hand.  The beams can be carved and distressed for an ‘old-world’ look.  Other times old wood beams and boards are purchased from suppliers on the east coast that sell old barn boards and barn beams.  Many barn beams are faded with old white or red barn paint.  These can be stunning in the right setting.

In the first photo, the carved cornice on this Tuscan style home works well with the rough edged over grouted stone and red roof tiles.  The second photo highlights how the wood beam supporting the covered porch tie in well with the cornices above the fortress-like entrance.  The stone, wrought iron, terra cotta colored exterior shutters, and red roof tiles complete the Tuscan look.  The third photo is an interior photo of wood beams in a Spanish Colonial style home.  The beams, stone bases, wrought iron; clerestory windows and tile floor are true to the Spanish Colonial style.  In the final photo, these beams on the kitchen ceiling are decorative architectural details fitting with the Tuscan style home.

At Woodridge Custom Builders LLC, it is our goal to help our custom home buyers achieve the look and feel of the home they desire.  If wood beams inside of the house, on the exterior or patio Ramada, are desired, we are experienced with hand-hewing techniques necessary to do that.

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