Saltillo, Ceramic, and Natural Stone are Only a Few Options!

At Woodridge Custom Builders LLC, as custom home builders in Arizona our customers want flooring that reflects the architectural style of their home or their own unique style.   Unique to each homeowner’s taste and style, floors vary from saltillo tile, commercial grade ceramic tiles, and natural stone in various patterns. 

Photos below highlight some of the flooring styles selected in homes constructed by Woodridge Custom Builders LLC

  1. Saltillo tile reflects the tastes of custom homebuyers staying true to their Spanish Colonial home style.  Saltillo tiles often vary in color from light orange-red to darker shades of red-brown.  This terra cotta Saltillo tile floor was laid in a two-piece pattern.
  2. Natural unfinished or tumbled stone has a very classic look.  The home in photo 2 incorporated Mexican Noce tumbled travertine stone in Versailles pattern.  The Versailles pattern uses four stone sizes, these include 16”x24”, 16”x16”, 8”x16”, and 8”x8”.   The tile floor in this pattern works very well with the Tuscan features of this home, the wood beams, wrought iron lighting, interior stonewalls, and stone fireplace.
  3. The tile used in the home of photo 3 is also Mexican Noce tumbled stone.  This tile floor included one tile size in a running pattern.  Quite large at 16”x24”, these rectangular stone pieces added an old European look to this home.
  4. A very formal-looking polished, honed and smooth travertine tile is shown in photo 4.  One tile size was used for this pattern, the tiles were 24”x24” and created a sleek, elegant look for this traditional home.
  5. The tile selected by the homeowners in photo 5 included commercial grade ceramic tiles.  These large pieces were 18”x18” inches and accented with black marble 3”x3” squares.  The baseboards installed here were also cut from the tile squares.

The products selected directly affect the cost of a tile floor.  Ceramic tile can be one of the most cost effective tile floor coverings.  Natural stone products are pricier.  Most products are sold by the square foot.  Installation is also priced per square foot.  Cost to install a tiled floor varies on the tile selected, the complexity of the pattern, and the complexity of the installation process itself.  A home with many curved walls affects installation costs. The number of corner posts at a kitchen island, kitchen cabinets, or bathroom vanities, and other cutouts required around cabinets affect the installation price. 

These five examples are just a few of the endless options for flooring.  At Woodridge Custom Builders LLC, we will assist our custom home buyers to plan, design, find and install the tile flooring system they want in their custom home at the right price for their budget.  We have various suppliers with thousands of ceramic tile, natural stone, slate, and marble flooring options to select from so our customers get the look and style they desire.










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