Planning and Creating A Master Bath Retreat

A master bath retreat is a dream come true for many homeowners.  More and more homeowners are recreating the luxurious atmosphere of a spa in their own home.  As custom home builders, at Woodridge Custom Builders LLC  large  bathtubs and Jacuzzi-type jets, large master showers with multiple sprays, large closets off the master bath area, full length three-way dressing mirrors, morning coffee bars, and sitting areas in the master bath area are just a few features incorporated into a master bath retreat.  When building a custom home, our customers benefit from advance planning.  Designing the master bath takes time, thought, and a lot of different ideas that eventually culminate into one terrific master retreat.

At Woodridge Custom Builders LLC, our customers begin in many different ways when planning their master bath area.  Some of our customers take the floor plan as designed by their architect and plan around that.  Others collect photos from magazines or photos of other homes showing these to their architect or home designer.  The architect designs the master bath exactly how the customer wants it.  Planning these details are some of the most joyous experiences when building a custom home. 

The floor plan of a master bath retreat is an important initial step.  Decisions for sizing the bathtub, and if it will be a Jacuzzi-type, the shower, and whether to include shower doors or create a walk-in style, to construct dual vanities, or one vanity with dual sinks, are just several decisions jointly made between the architect and customers.  These decisions determine the layout of the master bath area.  The importance of the layout cannot be over emphasized, adding a built-in full-length three-way dressing mirror is not something that can be easily added later.  The space must be planned well in advance.  

Once the space is planned and designed, customers begin making selections for the master bath.  Selections for the plumbing fixtures, the number of sprays in the shower, mirrors, and the lighting fixtures are a few of the decisions that help a custom homebuyer achieve the master bath retreat of their dreams.  The tile selected for a master bath retreat is a very important decision determining the look and feel of a master bath retreat.  As one might expect, small white ceramic tiles used throughout a master bath area with chrome plumbing fixtures definitely offers a luxurious spa feeling.  Yet, a natural stone tub surround, shower, and floor with rustic oil-rubbed bronze plumbing fixtures, lends the feeling of an old Santa Fe resort.  Each decision made by custom homebuyers beginning with the floor plan, plumbing fixtures, lighting fixtures, and mirrors comes together creating the final look.

The total look and feel of master bath retreat is completed when the homeowners move in and accessorize.  Luxurious bath towels, curtains, candles, potted plants, potpourri’s, and other accessories pull the layout, amenities, and accessories together into a fabulous master bath retreat.   The photos below highlight master bath features of custom homes built by Woodridge Custom Builders LLC, offering ideas to anyone building a custom home and creating a master bath retreat.  These photos highlight oversized vanities including make-up areas, walk-in showers eliminating the need for shower doors, and luxurious oversized bathtubs with Jacuzzi-type jets, one accessorized by beaded curtains.

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