The Eagle Solar Roof

As custom home builders, Eagle Roofing Products has been one of our suppliers at Woodridge Custom Builders LLC  for years.  Recently, Eagle Roofing has introduced a new roof solar panel.  The Eagle Solar Roof uses highly efficient silicon solar cells.  It is a solar system that powers the home, but also integrates seamlessly with the home’s roof tiles.  Integrating the functionality of a solar powered home with the beauty of its roof tiles is worth checking into.

There are significant benefits to including an Eagle Solar Roof into a custom home including:

  • Quiet and reliable power generation
  • Significant federal and state rebates and tax incentives are available
  • Bank extra power with the local utility
  • Substantially reduces or eliminates monthly energy bills
  • Increases resale value to the property
  • Reduces pollution
  • Provides safe and sustainable energy to the home

During the day the solar panels create energy for the home, at night energy is drawn from the utility grid.  It’s possible that any extra energy created by the home’s solar panels during the day gets banked at the utility company and then used at night.  The federal, state, and utility rebates available can be quite significant.  Up to $2,000 is a federal tax credit available. State rebates vary from state to state. 

There are many factors that affect a solar roofing system with location being very important.  Arizona is a terrific location for using solar panels.  Clear sunny skies increase solar output.  For highest energy output solar panels should face south.  Solar panels lose their effectiveness if shaded by trees or other buildings.  Since the sun is higher in the sky in the summer months, the solar panels create more energy during the summer.  

The fascinating feature of the Eagle Solar Roof is the fact that the solar panels are designed to fit with Eagle concrete roof tile.  These are not the huge solar panels of yesteryear that sit unsightly on a roof.  The Eagle Solar Roof is composed of a number of roof-sized tiles constructed of a quality frame, with tempered glass, and designed to divert water to prevent leaks. 

Eagle Roofing offers a 25-year power warranty, and 25 years protection against water intrusion.  They offer free Internet based solar system monitoring for 10 years.  This system can be used with an existing electrical system.  Eagle Roofing offers a wind load rating up to 125 mph.  The solar panels are lightweight, safe and easy to install. 

At Woodridge Custom BuildersLLC, we were thrilled to be introduced to this new roofing system.  We are currently working with customers interested in this type of system and are confident the energy savings benefits are worth any extra up front costs.

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